Men who enjoy gay kinks have many options. They might use rubber dildos or anal plugs, engage in male masturbation or try fellatio. But they also may face boredom in the bedroom. This isn’t unique to the gay community, but they may be less inclined to talk about it. LeatherContinue Reading

Gay men – or anyone, really – are at increased risk of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, homelessness, and self-harm. It’s important to understand and deal with these issues to maintain good mental health. Queer media – like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Queer As Folk – might make it seem likeContinue Reading

There are many ways to enjoy anal sex, including extended foreplay, oral sex, and mutual masturbation. It’s also possible to use anal plugs to relax muscles and make anal sex easier. All men face certain health risks, but gay and bisexual men may have an increased risk of HIV andContinue Reading

Men who are sexually attracted to men can face health concerns that differ from those of straight men. They should understand these health issues and take steps to stay healthy. For example, gay men who are socially ranked can become anxious about competing with each other for status and sex.Continue Reading

Rough sex, also known as a kink or BDSM (Bondage-Discipline-Domination, Sadism-Masochism), is a popular sexual experience that can be fun and exciting for all. But what is it about rough sex that makes people like it? It’s important to remember that while hardcore sex can be satisfying, it should alwaysContinue Reading

The hottest trend in gay porn today is HD (high-definition) gay porn movies. These explicit movies are made especially for pleasure and enjoyment of men and they are designed to arouse the desire in men and women. The scenes are filled with life and fun, often times filled with steamyContinue Reading

The cocksucker is on his knees with a hand down his underpants to play with his dick. He’s making it hard with his hands and the one in his mouth is obviously having a good time. The two of them are getting wild and freaky together and it looks prettyContinue Reading