Men who enjoy gay kinks have many options. They might use rubber dildos or anal plugs, engage in male masturbation or try fellatio.

But they also may face boredom in the bedroom. This isn’t unique to the gay community, but they may be less inclined to talk about it.

Leather Harnesses and Restraints

Often seen in gay adult videos, a leather harness is a piece of BDSM equipment that has both decorative and sexual purposes. It consists of straps that are secured around the body with buckles or clasps, and it can be worn as a form of clothing or used for pleasure during foreplay and bondage sex. There are several different styles of gay harnesses, each with its own purpose, and they can be purchased online or in sex shops.

Whether you are looking for a basic Bulldog harness or a more sexy Y-front harness, there is sure to be a perfect match for you. Moreover, you can also purchase other leather gear such as jockstraps, wrist restraints, and tethers to create your own fetish accessories.

Harnesses can be made from a variety of materials including leather, neoprene, rubber, fabric or latex. It is important to maintain them properly after use by ensuring that they are cleaned and dried thoroughly. They should also be wiped down before storage to avoid bacteria growth and maintain their lustrous appearance.


Gay tops can spice up boring bedroom sex by licking and stroking his feet, which are often one of his most sensitive pleasure spots. This may be because the somatosensory system groups his feet and genitals together, but also probably because licking is very sensual.

Licking his feet can be followed by foreplay and sucking his cock as you move your mouth down toward his perineum and then his butthole. To make the experience even more intense, use a wide variety of thrusting patterns. Just like with steak, the sensation gets dull if you repeat the same thrusting pattern over and over. This is especially important for bottoms who want to stimulate their partner’s prostate and get them to orgasm faster. The faster the thrusts, the more intense the orgasm will be.

Rubber Dildos

Some people find licking, kissing, and sucking their partner’s cock more satisfying than penetration. A rubber dildo allows tops to enjoy this type of oral play without worrying about hygiene, lube or condoms.

The dildo can be shaped in different ways to increase pleasure. Some have bulbs along the length for repeated expansion, while others have bumps or ripples to increase stimulation. Some even have a ribbed surface that’s fun to chew.

Whatever your kinks, make sure to use a condom over any DIY sex toys you put inside your body. The sex toy industry isn’t regulated so it can be difficult to tell what’s safe and what’s not. Reputable sex toy manufacturers mark their products as body-safe. They’re also sanitized before they’re sold. A condom protects against infections and injuries while ensuring that your homemade sex toy is thoroughly clean. This is especially important for anal plugs and other long-term dildo use. For extra safety, a pre-lubricated dildo is ideal.

Anal Plugs

A number of gay men enjoy bottoming as a kink. It’s a great way to explore the anal area and is a great position for tops, too, as they can control exactly how deep they go into the asshole of their partner.

Those who are interested in trying out this kink can use something called a vanilla butt plug set. These are basically a series of small plugs that can be inserted into the anal canal like a suppository. They are designed to be used in conjunction with lube and can be found online or in many sex toys stores.

They come in a range of sizes so that anyone can find a comfortable fit. It is important to consult a medical professional before using anal plugs as they must be fitted properly for optimal comfort and effectiveness. Also, people with existing conditions such as a dilated prostate or enlarged prostate should not attempt anal plugs without medical advice.